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Advanced Ballistic Concepts, a privately held company based in Colorado is excited to introduce its cutting edge Multiple Impact Bullet™ featuring Instant Expansion Technology.™ The simplest explanation of the company’s exclusive Multiple Impact Bullet design is that it combines the accuracy of a spin-stabilized bullet with the proven increased probability and stopping power of a multiple projectile shot this one-of-a-kind bullet technology makes it possible to achieve an unprecedented combination of stopping power and high-hit probability.

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Q: I am a Government Entity interested in Skynet™ Who Should I contact?

US Government entities please direct all questions regarding Skynet™ products to

4700 Providence Road
Perry, Florida 32347
Phone: 850-223-4066

Foreign Government entities please direct all questions regarding Skynet™ products to

Advanced Ballistic Concepts LLC

Q: Has the A.T.F approved the Mi-Bullet™ for public use?

The A.T.F. has cleared a wide range of Multiple Impact™ Bullet configurations for civilian use; they can be made from (LEAD, Copper, GREEN-LEAD™, Zuerillium Alloy™ to name a few) classifying each of them as non-restricted ammunition (i.e. the same as a conventional slug or Buck-shot); meaning they are cleared for retail distribution within the United States.  However, this does not include specialty “High performance” variants designed for the Military, and Law Enforcement.

Q: What calibers of ammunition is it designed for, and which ones can I buy?

While it is possible to make the Multiple Impact™ Bullet in any caliber including Shotshell, the premier products available for sale are the 45 Caliber Automatic Colt Pistol(ACP) and 12 Gauge Shotshell.

Q: When will this product be available for retail purchase?

You can currently purchase directly from this website MIBullet or ask your local dealer if they have inventory!

Q: How much does it cost?         

A box of 45ACP has a M.S.R.P. of $45.00; but most dealers are selling it competitively at a Consumer Price of $39.95. A box of 12 Gauge Mi-billets has a M.S.R.P. of $55.00 but most dealers are selling it competitively at a Street Price of $49.99. Less expensive than one would expect!

Q: Is there anything like it on the market today?

No, the patented technology took over three years to develop and was done in complete secrecy, even if other bullet makers wanted to copy the new shot profile, they will be prevented; do to the wide scope of our patents and our three year head-start.

Q: Is it true that by dividing the total mass of the bullet by 3, (Mi-3™ version) the bullet has less penetrating/stopping power?

At first you might think so, but you must factor in; (i) that we divide the bullet from tip to tail and therefore we also divide the surface area by 3 as well (the ratio of surface area to mass of each segment remains approximately the same as the original slug). (ii) Each segment that strikes the live target creates its own wound channel and if you have and accurate shot you can damage three vital organs simultaneously. The cumulative effect of multiple wound channels can be greater than one wound from a standard slug!

Q:  Are there really three different levels of stopping power?

YES, we have successfully developed three primary categories of the Mi-bullet™. The three variants are Fully-lethal (aka: Mi-Stopper™) Semi-lethal (aka: Mi-Stunner™) and a Less-lethal (aka: Mi-Stinger™). By adjusting the mass/density of the material we make the bullet segments from, we create the three different levels for stopping power.

Mi- Stopper™: Lethal

This category of bullet is formed of high density materials (e.g., lead, copper, tungsten, Zuerillium Alloy_HV ™) and is propelled at the highest possible speeds, resulting in a high mass high velocity round that is further enhanced by the company's proprietary Deep-Impact™ Technology to deliver the necessary stopping power for a one shot kill. As it name suggests, the Mi-Stopper™ round is designed to "stop" all aggression, simply put kill/terminate the live target. Mi-Stopper™ rounds will enjoy all of the normal advantages of a Mi-bullet™ while delivering the stopping power and one-shot lethality.

Typical medical response - D.O.A.

Mi-Stunner™: Semi-Lethal

This semi-lethal category will be made of medium density materials (e.g., copper, Zuerillium Alloy_HV ™) and can be propelled at a medium velocity. It is designed to "stun" a person (i.e., knock down, break skin, penetrate secondary layers of tissue, but not intentionally penetrate deep into vital internal organs). People hit with a single Stunner round would be substantially debilitated and would require immediate medical attention from a trained professional. Any delays in professional medical attention would increase the likelihood of death.

Typical medical response - requires immediate medical attention.

Mi-Stinger™: Less-Lethal

The purpose of this Less-lethal version is to provide the shooter a bullet that will give him tactical advantages to gain control in a difficult situation by delivering a debilitating sting, with virtually no risk of killing the live target person or animal. This category of bullet will be made of low density materials (e.g., aluminum, plastic, rubber, etc.) and fired at a relatively low velocity. It is designed to inflict pain/bruises/minor lacerations, but not penetrate deeper tissues.  

Typical medical response - requires 1st aid