Mi4 Stunner:

This semi-lethal category will be made of medium density materials (e.g., copper, zinc) and be propelled at a mid-range velocity. It is designed to “stun” a person (i.e., knock down, break skin, penetrate secondary layers of tissue, but not intentionally penetrate deep into vital internal organs). A person hit with a single Stunner round would be substantially debilitated and would require imitate medical attention from a trained professional. Any delays in professional medical attention would increase the likelihood of death.

Typical medical response - requires immediate medical attention.

Core Tactical Advantages:

  • High Hit Probability
  • Delivered from existing weapon (One gun solution)
  • Limited lethality / Justifiable response (legal risk mitigation)
  • Quicken response time
  • Rapid-Stop Technology (reduced collateral damage)
  • One weapon solution - i.e. replace, pepper-spray, Taser, etc. with Smart-Stack

Ideal Applications:

  • Law enforcement - 2nd bullet fired (Smart-Stack)
  • Military - Under development
  • Personal / Home defense- 2nd bullet fired (Smart-Stack)


The combined use of non-lethal (aka: T3 Stingers), semi-lethal (aka: T3 Stunners), lethal (aka: T3 Stoppers) and traditional slugs loaded in a particular sequence and then fired from a single gun to deliver varying levels of stopping power. If the situation requires, a shooter can transition from a non-lethal to a lethal response as fast as they can pull the trigger (fraction of a second), without running the risk of applying insufficient or excessive force – thereby creating for the first time a one gun solution for anyone finding himself in a difficult situation.

Rapid-stop technology

The unique ability of our Triple Threat technology to mitigate the risk of over penetration, while allowing for the maximum amount of stopping power to be delivered to a live animal or human target. For example, when striking a live human or animal target, the Rapid-stop technology designed into each segment will allow each segment to re-orientate its heavy end first via a “weathervane” affect, thereby allowing each segment to achieve maximum penetration. However, when the segments strike a hard target, such as an interior wall of a home, the initial contact of the keyhole profile dissipates energy in the first layer of the wall; then, as the tethers momentarily cut into the sheet rock prior to braking, they dissipate more forward energy; next, the projectiles strike the second layer of sheet rock at a lower velocity, thereby dissipating further energy as they attempt to pass through at a slower rate.

One gun solution

Provides the shooter the ability to quickly and accurately deliver varying levels of stopping power from a single weapon. One of the biggest threats to a person in a hostile situation is a delayed reaction from indecision. The introduction of our Smart-Stack doctrine of use provides the shooter a single weapon solution regardless of the threat level. Shooters no longer have to make a split second life or death choice as to what weapon to use (e.g. Pepper-spray, Taser or Primary Gun).