MI4 Stinger:

The purpose of this non-lethal version is to provide the shooter a bullet that will give him tactical advantages to gain control in a difficult situation by delivering a debilitating sting, without the risk of killing the live target person or animal. This category of bullet will be made of low density materials (e.g., aluminum, plastic, rubber, etc.) and fired at a relatively low velocity. It is designed to inflict pain/bruises/minor lacerations, but not penetrate deeper tissues.

Typical medical response - requires 1st aid.

Core Tactical Advantages:

  • High hit probability
  • Delivered from existing weapon {i.e. One gun solution}
  • Limited lethality / justifiable response (legal risk mitigation)
  • Quicken response time
  • One Room Smart Stop Technology
  • One weapon solution - i.e. replace, pepper-spray, Taser, etc. with Smart-Stack

The MI4 Stinger is designed to serve as a safer alternative to Taser guns, pepper spray, baton, etc. by enhancing reaction time and by giving the shooter a one weapon solution.

Ideal Applications:

  • Law enforcement - first bullet fired (e.g. Smart-Stack)
  • Military - civil unrest / crowd control
  • Personal / Home defense - first bullet fired (Smart-Stack)

The combined use of non-lethal (aka: T3 Stingers), semi-lethal (aka: T3 Stunners), lethal (aka: T3 Stoppers) and traditional slugs loaded in a particular sequence and then fired from a single gun to deliver varying levels of stopping power. If the situation requires, a shooter can transition from a non-lethal to a lethal response as fast as they can pull the trigger (fraction of a second), without running the risk of applying insufficient or excessive force – thereby creating for the first time a one gun solution for anyone finding himself in a difficult situation.
Smart Stop

Modern high velocity bullets are notoriously over-engineered in such a way that they will often over penetrate through live targets and or walls of a house and still have enough energy to kill innocent bystanders on the other side. The company’s one room Smart-Stop technology is engineered to solve this problem by combining the proprietary flight characteristics of a T3 bullet with a modified shot profile (adjusting mass, velocity and tether strength), thereby eliminating unwanted over penetration.

One gun solution

Provides the shooter the ability to quickly and accurately deliver varying levels of stopping power from a single weapon. One of the biggest threats to a person in a hostile situation is a delayed reaction from indecision. The introduction of our Smart-Stack doctrine of use provides the shooter a single weapon solution regardless of the threat level. Shooters no longer have to make a split second life or death choice as to what weapon to use (e.g. Pepper-spray, Taser or Primary Gun).