ABC has successfully developed three primary categories of the MI4 bullet. The three variants are non-lethal (aka: MI4 Stinger) semi-lethal (aka: MI4 Stunner) and fully lethal (aka: MI4 Stopper). Engineered to be backward compatible with existing guns, a shooter can simply load his gun in such a way that each pull of the trigger can deliver a specific level of “stopping power” designed to affect the live target (human or animal) in a unique way. Early in the MI4’s development, the engineers at ABC began to make intentional adjustments to the mass of a projectile and the velocity at which it was propelled and in doing so were able to affect the lethality/stopping power of any given round. Along with modifying the stopping power of the MI4 bullet, it can be further enhanced by adjusting the strength and or length of the tether/brake system, to achieve several unique performance characteristics that ultimately result in an increased tactical advantage for the user.